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Continuous Delivery

Make deployments to production as easy as pushing a button! Our infrastructure and test automation experts can help you build the pipelines you need to minimize mistakes and deliver automatically.


Automating is a central component of DevOps and one we take very seriously. Our teams understand when to invest time automating and when the costs outweigh the benefits. Automating eliminates the need for manual processes and interventions, ensuring the highest quality and fastest time to market.

Configuration Management

Make deployments to production as easy as pushing a button! Our infrastructure and test automation experts can help you build the pipelines you need to minimize mistakes and deliver automatically.Incorporating a top down approach, means managing everything from environment configuration to individual code changes. We make it easy to get from complicated to streamlined, significantly reducing the time you spend manually configuring.

Change Management

DevOps isn’t just particular technologies and processes, it’s a cultural shift in the way organizations build software. DevOps Specialists at Inspired are experienced in managing the process of building engagement, guiding new teams in adopting a DevOps mindset, and building stakeholder trust. All so your organization can start to see tangible benefits, quickly.


Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Reduce dependencies and eliminate cascading failures and manual interventions with infrastructure in code. Creating repeatable, easily testable infrastructure completely through code, means your infrastructure behaves in a predictable way, every time.

Containerization in Cloud and DevOps

Containerization for Cloud and DevOpsAs the trends show, containerization holds high influence on Cloud Computing and DevOps trends. With its advanced solution for boosting infrastructure efficiency, Containerization-as-Service is already leaving its mark in the cloud’s as-a-service models.

Public cloud containers are already making some significant impact in addressing the needs of Dev and Ops teams, thus also adding to the successful functioning of DevOps culture.

Meanwhile, increasing DevOps adoption is pushing many firms to look at ‘Microservices architecture’ for the next level of optimization in software releases and quality enhancement.

It has to be noteworthy that container applications have already emerged as the best choice to run microservices application architecture. Containers are already reporting high success rate in migrating workloads to AWS and Azure!

Moreover, Container Orchestration stands as a proven methodology in applying containers at the enterprise level, especially for load balancing, scheduling, and other tasks. A perfect container strategy, with proper tools, framework and proper implementation across application and software development lifecycle is known to offer high agility, shorten productivity time.

Kubernetes Implementation:

Enterprises moving to Cloud to improve operational efficiency with the business model of Pay As you go and leverage hardware resources (CPU/GPU) as required to build Data and AI-Driven applications.Containerisation of Application, Microservices and Serverless architecture driving agility and portability of applications. Kubernetes leads the container orchestration and Management of Services

Inspired Infotech is a leading Kubernetes Consulting and Solutions Provider for Enterprises to build Cloud-Native Application Development with DevOps Delivery pipeline, Big Data Analytics using Apache Spark.

We also provides Managed Kubernetes Services on Multi-Cloud Platform on
Azure, Google Cloud, AWS and Private Cloud as well as.